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Carl Miller-Know Your Constitution (Audio)

Over SIX HOURS of the best legal rights materials you will ever find. Carl covers 

  • Traffic Tickets 
  • Working without a license
  • Drug testing at work, 
  • 2nd Amendment

And many other issues. The best of the best!


What To Do If You're Pulled Over

The first minute or so after you're pulled over by a cop will usually determine whether you screw yourself or not.

A large percentage of the problems you'll incur with the cops come from something you said.

And they're experts at pulling these things out of you and twisting them around.



First of all, I DO NOT CONDONE driving when you are impaired by alcohol or drugs. My first advice is to take UBER or LYFT rather than take a chance of either injuring yourself or others, or ending up in jail and court. This section is not designed to show you how to get away with drunk driving. That being said, there are many people who did in fact have their driver's license revoked, who decided to travel in their cars under their constitutionally guaranteed "right to travel"

Right To Travel

You have the right to travel in your car without a "driver's license", car registration, or "insurance".