Business Auctions

The Auction Advantage…

It’s the fastest way to convert any type property into immediate CASH!                   No waiting for days, weeks, or even months hoping for a buyer…

You can name the date it will be sold…

You get all cash…no notes, IUO’s, or bad checks…

Everything sells…even unpopular or slow-moving items will sell at the auction…

You get top price…Because American Auction gets the right buyers…through their expertise in promotion and their “key” mailing lists and telephone invitations…

No wasting time on curiosity seekers or haggling with chiselers. You’re dealing with buyers who have the cash and are ready to buy NOW…

You end up with more net cash after a professionally handles auction than if you would have sold it any other way…!

You name it…. We’ve sold it…!!

  • Jewelry & Fine art
  • Industrial machinery
  • Construction equipment
  • Restaurant equipment
  • Complete restaurants & Pizza shops
  • Health club and spa equipment
  • Plumbing equipment
  • Sporting goods
  • Mobile homes
  • Million-dollar luxury homes
  • Condos
  • Land and lots
  • Offices and warehouse buildings
  • Antiques
  • Contractor equipment
  • Farm and ranch equipment
  • Entire estates
  • Retail stores
  • Grocery store equipment
  • & much, much more…

“Auction Means ACTION