Beat Your Ticket


Beat Your Traffic Ticket.

What it is:

     You can beat all your traffic tickets from now on by using Beat The Court’s “Common Law default system”. This ticket-busting program has now been used successfully by more than 5,000 of our clients over the past 8 years, with an over 90% win rate!

   We want more wins! So we’re going to give you the entire program for free. We only ask that when you or someone you  know wins your ticket case, let us all about it so we can share it with everyone.

What is a “common law default”?

   The law requires that each party in a legal action must have “standing” before a case may proceed. We prove that the prosecutor (District Attorney) doesn’t have “standing”:


“The legally protectable stake or interest that an individual has in a dispute that entitles him to bring  the controversy before the court to obtain judicial relief.”

Question: Who must have standing in a traffic ticket case?

Answer: All parties to the case must have standing, including the defendant (you), the prosecutor (usually the district attorney) and the witness (the cop who wrote you the ticket) The judge is (supposed to be) the impartial “referee” who listens to the arguments from both sides and renders a decision based solely on the facts and the law. They’re usually pretty good at sticking to this, but sometimes need to be reminded of their part in the process.

You automatically have standing, because the complaint is against you, you’re the defendant.

The officer has standing because he’s the witness, he wrote the ticket (which is the “complaint”).

But the prosecutor has to prove his standing if and when it is challenged. Normally it is just assumed that he has jurisdiction over you because you were “driving” on the public roadway.

Out of over 5,000 cases the prosecutor hasn’t once been able to prove jurisdiction yet, in fact they don’t even try to!

It’s very simple, quick, and easy…

Here’s all you have to do:

You start the process as soon as you get the ticket. You will need some time…at least a couple weeks, more if you can get it. You can usually get an extension if you ask for it…if you need one.

The first thing you do is file these documents with the district attorney’s office and the court: This can all be done either by mail or delivered in person.

Round One: send these three documents-

Your  “Acceptance of Oaths”

This is a document which notices the judge and prosecutor that you are aware of their legal duties, and you are holding them bound to them.

Your “Affidavit and Declaration of Standing ”

This is your statement that you are not a person liable to them, they have no jurisdiction, and that  you’re challenging them to prove otherwise.

Your “Notice of Default”

This document notices them that, if and when they fail to prove jurisdiction in writing within 10 days, they are in default.

This means they cannot move forward in the case, and must dismiss it.

Then round two: send these two documents-

Your “Notice of Final Default”

This notifies the prosecutor and the court that the prosecutor has defaulted and given up all his  standing to proceed on your case in this court. This also include your “3-day notice to cure”, which means that you are giving the prosecutor an extra 3 days in case he overlooked your original

“Notice of Default”. This leaves him no outs.

Your “Motions to Dismiss”

     This is a document which establishes the 6 reasons that your case must be dismissed. These include:

  1.  Failure to establish probable cause
  2.  Lack of prosecution
  3.  Need to surpass evidence
  4.  Wrong party
  5.  Failure to explain cause and nature of accusation
  6.  Lack of statutory or constitutional authorization of officer

Then round three: send these two documents-

Your “Writ of Praecipe”

This is a document which orders the court clerk to do his or her bound duty and file this case as dismissed, due to the fact that the prosecutor has clearly defaulted and lost all jurisdiction in your case.

Your “Writ of Mandamus”

This is an order to the court to mandate (force) the court clerk to act on your Writ of Praecipe in case they failed to enter the dismissal prior to your court date.

That’s it!

Then all you do is show up in court. When you do, and the judge reads your motions he must dismiss your case for “Failure to state a cause of action for which relief may be granted”.

You go home with no fine, no traffic school, and a clean record!

Sounds great…How do I go about doing this?”

I’m glad you asked!

There are three ways you can get this done:

First, you could hire a lawyer (if you can find one who will fight against the judge and the court) and have him or her draw up the motions described above.

Second, you could go to the law library and bone up on all the laws which relate to the above motions and writs, and draw them up yourself,


Third,  you can get all the forms, motions, writs, and instruction manual from us!

All our forms and paperwork are available for immediate download in an easy to fill out format. All you do is fill in the blanks, and send them in!

The full price for all the forms, motions, and paperwork is normally $89, but during this special promotion you can get it for
less that half price!

ONLY $39.88!

That’s for EVERYTHING…And it’s Guaranteed to win!

OUR GUARANTEE: If you use our common law default system, follow the directions and mail or deliver all

the motions and forms, and for ANY REASON you don’t get your case totally dismissed, we will refund you every penny!

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Our Popular “Know Your Constitution” by Carl Miller:

4 Volume Set: over six hours of corruption-fighting expertise.
FORMAT:  Audio-MP3

Carl Miller is one of the foremost experts on the U S Constitution and our Constitutional Rights in this country.

In these recordings Carl shares with you everything it has taken him over 19 years to research and perfect.  Carl gives you point-by-point understanding of the law, and word-for-word “scripts” you can use in almost any circumstance, including:

  • Traffic Stops…
  • What you should NEVER say when pulled over…
  • Traffic Court…
  • How to handle the judge in any circumstance…
  • How to address the law and maintain your rights.
  • Driving without license / license Plates / Insurance…

                      How to prove you aren’t required to have them…

  • Practicing Law Without License…

                    Carl shows absolute proof there is no such thing as a license to practice law

  • Drug Testing…

                    Why they cannot force you to take one…and how to respond if they try…

Carl shows you word-for-word how to beat the cops and the courts every time, using the smartest and most perfect arguments and rulings I have ever seen…

Also includes the complete transcript of the audio in book form (PDF)

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The Complete “Right To Travel Package”:

Actual Court Documents And Many Supreme Court Decisions
FORMAT: Word and PDF Documents

This has been one of our most popular packages.  For those who have had their license suspended or revoked, but still need to drive, those who want to throw away their license and tags, and for those just interested in the true law vs. what they push upon us.

This package includes all the  forms, court documents, and Supreme Court Rulings, documents and legal research which clearly proves you can actually drive your car without need of a license or registration. 

This is the complete package that Charlie Sprinkle, Albert Eggert, and Ed Quigley, leaders of the right to travel movement,  and many others who have brought the Highway Patrol and Department of Motor Vehicles to their knees and win in the courts. 

$95 Value

ALL FOR ONLY $39.88 

P.S.  Beat The Court releases the copyright privilege when you order during this special offer period.  This means you may legally copy and share this information and all the legal documents with your friends and family so they can win, too.

*OUR LAWYERS INSIST WE MAKE THE FOLLOWING DISCLAIMER: We are not lawyers, we do not belong to any lawyer’s BAR association, and we simply market forms, videos, connections, and links we believe to be truthful, effective, and give positive results to our clients.  We are not engaged in the “Practice” of law…We leave that to those lawyers who actually need the “Practice”.  We get it right the first time….”